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Age of Bronze 33 NM Eric Shanower 1st print Image Item Name:
Age of Bronze 33 NM Eric Shanower 1st print Image
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Age of Bronze 33 NM Eric Shanower 1st print Image

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AGE OF BRONZE #33 (IMAGE COMICS) Betrayal: Part 14 - Diomedes wants to get into Cressida's pants. Cressida's father is doing everything he can to make that happen. Meanwhile on the Trojan city walls Troilus waits and waits . . . and waits . . . until his final battle with Diomedes. AGE OF BRONZE is the story of the Trojan War expanded to include all the additions to and variations of the original epic poem by Homer by later writers like Shakespeare and Chaucer. Epic is the word. It’s very complex, with a huge cast of characters. The book comes out infrequently. I suspect Eric does not make much money from it, and needs to take other work to support this project, clearly a labor of love. With all that said, as soon as I open a new issue I’m drawn right back into the characters, emotions and drama of the story. It’s that good. The focus is now on Cressida, a beautiful young Trojan woman. Her father, Kolchas, has defected to the Achaean army, the ones beseiging the city of Troy. Cressida finally decides to join him, and finds her new life in an enemy camp to be quite horrible. Worse, her true love, the Trojan prince Troilus is waiting each night on the wall of the city where Cressida said she would soon return to him. Clearly the young girl’s plans were more wish-fulfillment than practical. Will she have to give up her ideals and her true love to survive among the Achaeans? And how will Troilus react when he returns to fight them? We’re way into the story, but this issue is good enough to be enjoyed on its own, with a little help from “Our Story So Far” on the inside cover. Highly recommended. [(W/A/CA) Eric Shanower]


Near mint condition, 1st print.

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