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Beach House HC James Patterson 1st printing Item Name:
Beach House HC James Patterson 1st printing
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Beach House HC James Patterson 1st printing

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Jack Mullen is in law school in New York City when the shocking news comes that his brother Peter has drowned in the ocean off East Hampton. Jack knows his brother and knows this couldnt be an accident. Someone must have wanted his brother dead. But the powers that be say otherwise. As Jack tries to uncover details of his brothers last night, he confronts a barricade of lawyers, police, and paid protectors who separate the multibillionaire summer residents from local workers like Peter. And he learns that his brother wasnt just parking cars at the summer parties of the rich. He was making serious money satisfying the sexual needs of the richest women and men in town. The Beach House reveals the secret lives of celebrities in a breathtaking drama of revenge with a finale so shocking it could only have come from the mind of James Patterson. The rich run the town and think they can get away with murder. Memorial Day weekend at one of the richest zip codes on earth, The Hamptons. Peter Mullen is a free-spirited young man who dropped out of high school and parked cars for one of the area's richest families, the Neubauer's. Arriving late for his job at the first major party of the season he got right to work. After the rush of the arriving guests has stopped Peter is given a note on pink scented stationary that suggests a clandestine meeting on the beach. Peter thinks he knows who the note is from and does not hesitate to head down to the beach. The next morning Peter is found dead on the beach, the Neubauers and their friends insist that he drowned. But Peter's older brother Jack (a law-school student) knows that Peter was beaten to death. But why and how can he prove it? As he is searching for the truth Jack uncovers Peter's secret life and the reason Peter could afford to pay cash for the brand new 130-horsepower BMW K1200 motorcycle and why someone might want to silence him. Jack's father (who never really got over the death of his wife years ago) dies of a heartattack over the loss of his son. Jack, with the help of a private investigator (of the female persuasion who becomes a love interest), plus Macklin, his elderly grandfather and some of their friends, set out to prove that Peter was murdered and that billionaire Barry Neubauer caused his demise. Revenge is sweet. There are crooked cops, medical personnel that are paid for their testimony, sexual scandal and blackmail involved. Will the good guys overcome? Read it to find out.Binding is tight. Dust jacket shows a little wear on back. 1st printing.0-316-96968-0

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