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Thor Poster Destroyer Hela Loki Olivier Coipel Item Name:
Thor Poster Destroyer Hela Loki Olivier Coipel
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Thor Poster Destroyer Hela Loki Enchantress Warriors Three by Olivier Coipel

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Thor, the Asgardian God of Thunder. The son of Odin - All-Father of Asgard - and Gaea - the Elder Earth-Goddess - Thor is the mightiest warrior of Asgard and one of the most powerful beings on Earth. Thor is physically the strongest of the Norse Gods being the son of Odin and the elder goddess Gaea. Thor has shown strength in excess of the Class 100 and can lift well over 100 tons. He has demonstrated strength enough to destroy the board of the Silver Surfer, defeat Namor and Gladiator in one to one hand combat, challenge and defeat Abomination as well as match the strength of Savage Hulk for an entire hour while Savage Hulk's strength was rising increasingly due to rage. Thor has also been shown matching Hercules in several contests of strength, although never overpowering him, once sending the planet out of orbit in an arm wrestle with him. One of Thor’s greatest feats of strength was when he displayed the ability to lift the Midgard Serpent, which has stated to be so large that it could wrap itself around Earth several times and also crush it. On occasions Thor has shown the ability that he can destroy moons using his bare hands and also destroy planets with his powerful strikes. He displayed this ability when he hit Beta Ray Bill so hard that he destroyed the planet that they were on. He has even showed many times that he can even cause the world eater, Galactus pain with his strikes. Thor usually holds back so that he does not kill his opponents or affect greatly the area in which they are in. Thor’s strength is comparable to beings such as Hulk, Hercules, Sentry and Gladiator. Sometimes more than this. Wielding Mjolnir, Thor can summon and control the powers of the storm, causing rain, wind, thunder and lightning. With it, Thor has shown the ability to create electrical storms, hurricane winds, tornadoes, tidal waves, blizzards as well as earthquakes that have been shown to run across an entire planet. Thor has the ability to affect the weather on a planetary wide scale but often refrain from doing so from the mass damage that it could cause. Thor is able to stop any of the weather conditions that he creates. Thor’s ability to control the weather has been said to exceed those of beings such as Storm and he has also shown the ability to channel the great energies of the weather into powerful blasts that he can direct through his hammer. It is a very common misconception that Thor is unable to control the weather without his hammer but he indeed can and has been shown to do so on a number of occasions. His hammer allows him to create more powerful manifestations of his weather abilities.

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