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X-Men Poster #164 Billy Tan Warpath Vulcan Item Name:
X-Men Poster #164 Billy Tan Warpath Vulcan
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X-Men Poster #164 Billy Tan Warpath Hepzibah Vulcan Phoenix Professor X

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Emperor Vulcan, Hepzibah, Gladiator, Havok, Polaris, Deathbird, Professor X, Warpath, Corsair, Ch-od, Raza, Lilandra and Marvel Girl! Vulcan is a mutant with the ability to psionically manipulate vast amounts of energy. In addition to traditional energies of the electromagnetic spectrum, Vulcan has displayed control over exotic energies such as Cyclops' optic blasts and magical energy. Vulcan has used his powers to produce light, heat, force, and electricity, as well as warp or disable large amounts and different types of existing energy sources, tap into and suppress mutant energies, survive in the vacuum of space, and fly. Outside a planetary atmosphere his flight speed can even reach near the speed of light. He can track energy signatures over vast interstellar distances, as demonstrated when he located a trio of starships. He is able to go without food for long periods by directly absorbing energy, and can generate protective force fields for interstellar travel. He can manipulate electricity within a person's brain and use the powers of others by manipulating their own energy sources, although he needs to be in their presence to achieve this. The exact limits of his power replication abilities are unknown, but he was capable of utilising Marvel Girl's telepathy without her consent. Vulcan also possesses the capability of solidifying energy into solid shapes, in effect simulating telekinesis. When he uses his powers, his eyes glow. He has been confirmed as an Omega level mutant, his powers elevated to said level thanks to absorbing a massive amount of mutant energies from M-Day. I have a slightly different version of this poster...look for X-Men Poster #98.

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