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Captain Marvel V2 Coven TP Peter David Item Name:
Captain Marvel V2 Coven TP Peter David
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Brief description:

CAPTAIN MARVEL V. 2: COVEN TPB - (Peter David/Ivan Reis/Kyle Hotz) Collects Captain Marvel #7-12. Captain Marvel - son of the like-named alien hero of cosmic renown - is a cosmically aware interstellar defender driven insane by the awesome overwhelming power he wields. Standing between Marv and the destruction of the universe is Rick Jones - longtime super-hero sidekick and reluctant conscience - with whom he is molecularly bonded. Karl Coven - claiming to be an alien not subject to our laws - is an alleged serial killer facing a death sentence for his crimes. Standing between Coven and a get-out-of-jail-free card is Rick Jones - the star witness in the prosecution's case - who was forced to watch helplessly as the accused carried out his brutal acts. When Coven's extraterrestrial argument is dismissed he gets the last laugh by promptly returning to life immediately after his death sentence is executed. Now the unthinkable has occurred: Captain Marvel and Karl Coven have joined forces. But what business could Marv possibly have with a man who wants Rick dead? The law business. The dominoes start to fall uncontrollably as Marv's judicial actions bring forth violent reactions. Plus: When Captain Marvel becomes convinced he's as entitled to be a god as anyone he attempts to take up residence in the hallowed halls of Asgard - home of the Norse gods currently floating directly above New York City. 144 p

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