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2020 Visions Hardcover Jamie Delano Frank Quitely Item Name:
2020 Visions Hardcover Jamie Delano Frank Quitely
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Brief description:

2020 Visions HC -- THIS WAS ONE OF MY FAVORITE VERTIGO SERIES-HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! WHY DC HASN'T COLLECTED THIS SERIES IS BEYOND ME...CONTAINS SOME OF FRANK QUITELYS BEST WORK! Writer: Jamie Delano Artists: Warren Pleece, Steve Pugh, Frank Quitely and James Romberger. 296 pages, black & white, Science Fiction, Hardcover. Delano's tour de force follows the lives of a disjointed family, struggling to survive in the morally and socially decadent United States of 2020. From psychotic venereal diseases to exclusive human breeding facilities, the future never looked so bleak, or so hopeful. Includes an afterword by the author and an introduction by Richard Kadrey (Metrophage, Accelerate). From the introduction by Richard Kadrey...The city is a fractal. No matter how deeply you dive into it, there's always more. Another layer. Another alley, angle, face in the crowd or twist in the road that you'd never seen before. This means that every city is infinite. Every city is the world. The opgsosite of the city is an open range. This was the lure of the American west an open landscape full of promise and possibilities. Possibilities that, historically, are often lost or squandered. These blank uncluttered space aren't self-contained worlds, like cities, they're wild and individual, like the people attracted to them. You'll find both types of settings and stories in Jamie Delano's 2020 Visions, though with a heavy emphasis on the urban landscape. This is a good thing. Delano writes well about cities. The tales that comprise 2020 Visions read like the bastard offspring of Martin Scorcese and Mike Davis, of City of Quartz fame. Drop Delano's mutant kid down into some side street on the Blade Runner set and the brat would feel right at home. You might, too, until the kid kneecapgsed you and took all your lunch money. 2020 Visions is that kind of book. Hard without constantly flexing its muscles. Cruel in a peculiarly urban way. It's the cruelty of the ant's nest. No single ant in the mound matters. No ant will survive. It's the colony itself that's alive, and it will do anything, sacrifice anyone, to stay that way...

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