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Kabuki v6 Agents : Scarab TP NM Image David Mack Item Name:
Kabuki v6 Agents : Scarab TP NM Image David Mack
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Brief description:

Kabuki: Scarab focuses on the Noh operative named Scarab. She's a girl who fell into being cool because she was quick, smart and dated the right guy. Ironically, it's the same things that made her a good assassin. Scarab is wonderfully drawn by Rick Mays, who combines his great handle on Japan, pop urban danger, stylish street gear, and a weird combo of innocence and volatility. The writing borrows heavily from Speed Tribes (a highly-recommended, solid, easy-to-read book on contemporary Japanese youth culture). For the first time, David Mack uses someone else to map his story. I didn't quite understand why he did this when both he and Rick Mays are so familiar with Japan. Doesn't make the story less enjoyable, but it did give it a sense of "didn't I read this before". Scarab is the first of the Kabuki books to completely focus on another character. I loved it. 256 pages. Kabuki: Scarab (consists of Kabuki: Scarab 1-8)

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