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Incredible Hulk TP Transfer of Power 1st Pr Col Item Name:
Incredible Hulk TP Transfer of Power 1st Pr Col
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Welcome to the bidrevolution.com graphic novel section!

Incredible Hulk TP Volume 3 Transfer of Power Bruce Jones 1st Print Collects v2 44-49! On the run . . . from the police . . . the government . . . clandestine forces with an agenda all their own . . . and the unbridled beast within, Dr. Bruce Banner knows the dread of the hunted. Now he faces the most unimaginable horror of all: a relentless, unkillable pursuer who knows all his weaknesses and will stop at nothing to bring him down! After escaping a trap laid by the conspiracy that's out to get him, Bruce Banner is framed for murder after a case of mistaken identity and being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Even worse, an old enemy from the past is zeroing in on bruce, but so is an old ally. The dark artwork in this book is really great, and the storyline's got some awsome twists. This is a great comic for any Hulk fan.

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