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AD&D 1st Edition Oriental Adventures HC 2018 Item Name:
AD&D 1st Edition Oriental Adventures HC 2018
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AD&D 1st Edition Oriental Adventures Hardcover TSR 2018 Gary Gygax

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AD&D 1st Edition Oriental Adventures Hardcover TSR 2018 Gary Gygax. Very minor wear to edges and corners of hardcover. Binding in excellent shape. The rulebook for AD&D game adventures in the mystical world of the Orient. "...The mysterious and exotic Orient, land of spices and warlords, has at last opened her gates to the West." For beginners or experts, players or DMs, this book holds all the information on oriental character classes, races, spells, magical items, weapons, fighting styles, and monsters. The world of samurai and ninja awaits! This volume indroduced Asian cultures for the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 1st Edition. The wide popularity of the concept and new charachters led to adventures specifically bearing the Oriental Adventures logo and to the Kara-Tur subsetting in the Forgotten Realms series. This book is fantastic, and adds so much depth to the campaign. It has everything you need to run an Oriental Adventure, or make characters in an oriental setting. TSR has yet to duplicate in any other book the remarkebly well balanced rules of this book. For example, the Ninja in Oriental Adventures is more interesting, better devolped, and more enjoyable to paly with only a few pages of coverage than anything in the 2nd edition complete book of Ninjas. IF you can find it, buy it, you will not regret it. The only drawbacks are that A) the book is out of print, and B) AD&D is moving to 3rd edition, and Oriental Adventures exists solely as a 1st edition book, so the rule converstaion may or may not prove difficult. One of Gygax's last major contributions to TSR, Oriental Adventures details the oriental adaptation of the 1st Edition AD&D rules (post Unearthed Arcana). This is a fantastic game and a fantastic system, although those of us coming to the genre anew might find it intimidating. Essentially this details some of the classic warrior archetypes in Asia (Bushi - soldiers, Kensai - weapon specialists, Samurai - honour-bound warriors) wizard archetype (Wu Jen) etc... Ninja is not an independent class, but a secondary class that some archetypes can have (similar to multi-classing). There are four races, one which is like an Oriental version of Dwarves, one which are effectively shapechangers, and the three branches of part-human "Spirit folk", and lastly, humans. Gygax lays out a couple more layers to the normal AD&D experience - honour system and class / caste system, and adds in martial arts for a full Oriental experience. The spell lists from the Player's Handbook are adapted to the Orient, and many stay roughly equivalent. This book was criticised at the time for mixing different oriental cultures / archetypes into one book. In response to that - this is fantasy. There is enough interesting variants in here to give an Eastern flavor to any campaign. If you are interested in this area you can also pick up fairly cheaply some of the Rokugan books (published by L5R and easily adaptable to this rule set - although written for 3rd ed d20 system, or vice-versa). However, this is a very good value book now available cheaply second hand. Buy it (and the other 8 or so original titles) because these books are full of imagination. Despite all the years of fixes within second, third, 3.5 and 4th editions, I still prefer these original texts. Buy them while they are still available. 144 pages, ©1985. ISBN 0-88038-099-3.x0-88038-099-3

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