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New teen Titans #1 Poster FRAMED George Perez Item Name:
New teen Titans #1 Poster FRAMED George Perez
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New teen Titans #1 Poster FRAMED Robin (1980) by George Perez

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You are purchasing the item pictured, framed. Priority mail, tracking and $50 insurance is included with purchase. Item will be bagged to protect from dust, packed in packing peanuts and boxed. Just open box and hang it on the wall...makes a perfect gift! Teen superteams were nothing new in comics. Marvel had its X-Men. During World War II, Captain America's sidekick Bucky and the Human Torch's BFF Toro had formed a second-banana-led super-squad called the Young Allies, filled out with four adolescent schlemiels named Knuckles, Jeff, Tubby and Whitewash. Even DC had tried and failed to get a successful "kid super hero" team book off the ground. The 1966 version of Teen Titans, featuring Robin, Kid Flash, Aqualad and Wondergirl, ended after forty-three issues. Some blamed its demise on the writers' overreliance on dated "jive" dialogue ("Dig this crazy teen scene!" blared one early cover burst). Less self-consciously "hip" and markedly more successful was the 1980s revival of the Teen Titans. As re-imagined by writer Marv Wolfman and artist George Perez - a master of group dynamics on covers and interior art - the now seven-member team wasn't a bunch of mere junior-varsity versions of established heroes anymore. They were fully-formed, well-rounded characters who lived with, fought with and loved each other - even as they battled back a formidable rogue's gallery of villains like Deathstroke the Terminator. The combination of Perez's lavishly detailed art and Wolfman's exploration of interpersonal drama helped make The New Teen Titans one of the best-selling ongoing series of the new decade. "I personally enjoy doing group books. I guess that kinda showed." - George Perez. The Teen Titans, also known as the New Teen Titans, New Titans, or simply the Titans, is a fictional superhero team appearing in comic books published by DC Comics, often in an eponymous monthly series. As the group's name suggests, its membership is usually composed of teenaged superheroes. While only reaching modest success with its original incarnation, the series became a hit with its 1980s revival, under the stewardship of writer Marv Wolfman and artist George Perez. In 1980, the two relaunched the team as The New Teen Titans, aging the characters to young adulthood. Original members Robin, Wonder Girl, and Kid Flash were joined by new characters Cyborg, Starfire, and Raven, as well as the former Doom Patrol member Beast Boy, now using the name Changeling. Perez left in 1985 to headline the DC Comics 50th Anniversary limited series Crisis on Infinite Earths. DC Comics Presents #26 introduced a team of new Titans, anchored by founding members Robin, Wonder Girl, and Kid Flash, and soon followed by The New Teen Titans #1 (November 1980). The series, created by writer Marv Wolfman and artist George Perez, re-introduced the Doom Patrol's Beast Boy as Changeling and introduced the machine man Cyborg, the alien Starfire, and the dark empath Raven. Raven, an expert manipulator, forms the group to fight her demonic father Trigon the Terrible, and the team remains together thereafter as a group of young adult heroes. Wolfman and Perez's working relationship quickly evolved to the point where they were plotting the series jointly. Wolfman recalled that "once George moved to the same town I lived in, only five blocks or so away, we usually got together for lunch and would work out a story over the next few hours. In many cases I would then go home and write up a plot based on it, or sometimes George would take the verbal plotting we did and take it from there." The team's adversaries included Deathstroke the Terminator, a mercenary who takes a contract to kill the Titans to fulfill a job his son had been unable to complete. This led to perhaps the most notable Titans storyline of the era (1984's "The Judas Contract," in Tales of the Teen Titans #42-44 and Teen Titans Annual #3) in which a psychopathic girl named Terra, with the destructive power to manipulate earth and all earth-related materials, infiltrates the Titans in order to destroy them. George Perez (born June 9, 1954) is an American writer and illustrator of comic books, known for his work on titles including The Avengers, Teen Titans, and Wonder Woman. In 1980, while still drawing The Avengers for Marvel, Perez began working for their rival DC Comics. Offered the art chores for the launch of The New Teen Titans, written by Wolfman, Perez' real incentive was the opportunity to draw Justice League of America (an ambition of PĂ©rez' which "seemed like a natural progress from the Avengers"). Long-time Justice League artist Dick Dillin died right around that time, providing an opportunity for Perez to step in as regular artist. While Perez's stint on the JLA was popular with fans, his career took off with the New Teen Titans. The New Teen Titans was launched in a special preview in DC Comics Presents #26 (October 1980). This incarnation of the Titans was intended to be DC's answer to Marvel's increasingly popular X-Men comic, and Wolfman and Perez indeed struck gold. In August 1984, a second series of The New Teen Titans was launched by Wolfman and Perez. Moreover, Perez's facility with layouts, details, and faces improved enormously during his four years on the book, making him one of the most popular artists in comics as evidenced by the numerous industry awards he would receive during this time. In 1985, DC Comics named Perez as one of the honorees in the company's 50th anniversary publication Fifty Who Made DC Great. Perez revealed in September 2013 that long term problems with his vision had reached the point where he had become essentially blind in his left eye due to hemorrhaging. Laser surgery was ruled out as an option the next month, leading to November 2013 operating room procedure. "According to my eye doctor the surgery went well and I have already noticed a small bit of improvement in the vision of my left eye," Perez wrote on Facebook. "Before the operation, when I was asked 'How many fingers am I holding up?', I couldn't even see the person's hand. Now I can make out the number of fingers, albeit still fuzzy."

The picture you're looking at is for the actual item. You will never see manufacturer photos on this site. Many of you know me from our transactions on ebay. You can expect the same exact service: responsive emails, secure shipping and incredible value. I'm confident that if you give me a try you'll be back for more! Please bookmark this site, as I will be updating it regularly...I only have 2000 of the more than 5000 items I have to list ready, so keep that in mind! If you have any questions at all, don't hesitate! Feel free to email for an invoice or check out using paypal. If you don't want to use paypal but still pay online, please use auctionchex.com. All you're doing is purchasing a money order online. If this is a problem please be encouraged to send a check or money order, as its my preferred method of payment. OVERSEAS BUYERS- I will accept only auctionchex.com as a form of payment or USPS global express via paypal. EMAIL ME beforehand for a shipping quote. Multiple item buyers- shipping is full price plus $1 per additional item.

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