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Femalien DVD Director's Unedited Jacqueline Lovell Item Name:
Femalien DVD Director's Unedited Jacqueline Lovell
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Femalien DVD Director's Unedited Cut Jacqueline Lovell Cybil Richards

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Femalien (1996) Jacqueline Lovell (Actor), Matt Shue (Actor), Cybil Richards (Director) | Rated: Unrated | Format: DVD. There is a thinly, thinly, thinly veiled attempt at creating a plot and at acting in this fairly dirty blue movie. Kara (Venesa Talor) is sent to experience bodily pleasure by her alien species, which leads to numerous unconnected, plot-irrelevant encounters with all kinds of buxom babes and buff guys. The pool, the massage parlor, the avant-garde theater--these kooky humans seem to be going at it everywhere! Kara must believe that she's landed not on Earth, but the planet Silicone, but she never seems to kvetch about it. On the plus side the actors are attractive and keep their wooden deliveries at a minimum to allow full enjoyment of the wretched porno-quality soundtrack. Surprisingly, no mention of thanks to Lee Strasberg in the final credits. Plenty o' skin. I have to say I really enjoyed Femalien. Yes, it's undeniably soft-core porn, but it is absolutely the best movie of this type I have ever seen. The plot isn't anything to brag about, but it does make some sense and holds together quite nicely. Femalien is an alien "collector" sent to earth to study human intimacy. Her people have evolved beyond physical bodies to become energy beings, and intimacy has been lost in the process. Femalien is given a "suitable" form (I'll say!) that will allow her to pass herself off as a human being and learn all about interpersonal relations by observing humans interacting with one another. She doesn't have to look very far to find subjects for study, and she is a quick learner, engaging in her own interaction experiments before very long. This whole movie just exudes professionalism, from the acting to the camera work to whatever else directors do that makes a film a real treat to watch. You won't find this many attractive women in most films of this type, either. Venesa Taylor in particular is a living doll; hers is a classic beauty that is quite rare these days. She is just completely captivating. She has talent, too, and her naive, innocent manner of speech and appearance just suits her role in this movie to a tee. The sex scenes, even the ones that don't include Venesa Taylor, are also as good as you will find in movies of this genre. Basically, Femalien has it all. Forget about all the disappointments you may have felt when watching other supposedly good movies of this type; Femalien is sure to please. As long as you are aware of this movie's exceedingly erotic nature and don't approach it expecting a thrilling science fiction adventure, there is simply no way you can be disappointed. ISBN 1-57347-066-X1-57347-066-X

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