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Cables To Go Port Authority MP3-to-FM Car / Stereo Item Name:
Cables To Go Port Authority MP3-to-FM Car / Stereo
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Cables To Go Port Authority MP3-to-FM Car / Stereo Adapter for iPods / MP3 Players / Smartphones Model 26480 NIP

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Cables To Go Port Authority MP3-to-FM Car / Stereo Adapter for iPods / MP3 Players / Smartphones Model # 26480. New in package! Don't spend hundreds of dollars for a MP3 car stereo or home media server. Listen to your MP3s through any car or home stereo with the Cables To Go Port Authority2 MP3-to-FM Stereo Adapter. Installation takes just seconds: Simply connect the adapter to your MP3 player, select the frequency on the adapter, and turn on your stereo to the same frequency. It's your own personal radio station except without all of the commercials and songs you don't like. You'll maintain all of the standard functionality of your MP3 player, including skipping tracks and selecting playlists. The Port Authority2 works with any MP3 player--including iPods--and you also can use it with PDAs, portable CD players, and laptops, eliminating the need to purchase a separate MP3 player. It works with any personal audio device with a standard headphone output jack. The Adapter can be powered by either the included 12V DC power cradle for use in the car or by two AAA batteries when you're at home or in the office. The Port Authority2 makes certain you can listen to all your favorite MP3s through any stereo no matter where you are. Features: -Send audio from your MP3 player, CD player, PDA, or laptop over radio waves to your car or home stereo. -16-channel transmitter provides clear transmission of your audio files. -Conveniently powered by two AAA batteries or via the 12V DC car adapter. -Auto shutdown turns the transmitter off after one minute of inactivity to conserve power. -Battery run time: 6 hours (approx.) Like so many, we have no auxiliary input in our car to handle our hard-disk music player. We've been looking at using an FM converter for quite some time. When we had the chance to acquire one of these new Cables-To-Go units, we figured we'd give it a try despite the lack of reported user experiences. To our delight, we merely plugged it in to our car's cigarette lighter port, adjusted the viewing angle of the unit, turned it on and just picked for starters the lowest frequency it supports -- 88.1. We then plugged in the clever retractable cord mini-plug to the unit with the other end to our player, hit play, and away we went with absolutely no problems! A one time adjustment to the sound level of the source lets us listen at the same volume as other sources (CD player, actual FM, etc.) and we couldn't be more pleased with the clarity and quality of this solution so far. We haven't yet taken a long trip where competing FM stations might be a problem, but suspect all will be well given the outstanding performance of the unit locally. The lighted LED panel indicates what frquency is being used, and the auto-shutoff seems to work fine without doing something silly like shutting down during a quiet passage of music.0-26480

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